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Cub Scout Pack 759 | Call of the Wild

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild

Ask your parents to download the worksheet for Call of the Wild.  It has some stuff in it that will help you complete the requirements and earn the Call of the Wild Award.

Call of the Wild Requirements

In the Call of the Wild your Wolf Adventure starts with a quest to go outdoors and hit the camping trail with your family, den or pack.  Learn how to be safe in the outdoors and to run with the Wolf Pack.  Lear the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace commitment and you will soon earn the Call of the Wild Award!

Complete Requirements 1-4 plus at least one other.

  1. Attend one of the following:
    1. A pack or family campout
    2. An outdoor activity with your den or pack
    3. Day camp
    4. Resident camp
  2. With your family or den, make a list of possible weather changes that could happen during your outing according to the time of year you are outside. Tell how you will be prepared for each one.
  3. Recite the Outdoor Code with your leader.
  4. Recite the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids with your leader. Talk about how these principles support the Outdoor Code.
  5. After your outdoor activity or campout, list the ways you demonstrated being careful with fire or other dangers.
  6. Show or demonstrate what to do:
    1. In case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood.
    2. To keep from spreading your germs.
    3. Show how to tie an overhand knot and a square knot.
  7. While on a den or family outing, identify four different types of animals you see or explain evidence of their presence. Tell how you identified them.