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Cub Scout Pack 759 | Finding your Way

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Finding your Way

Finding Your Way

Ask your parents to download the worksheet for Finding Your Way .  It has some stuff in it that will help you complete the requirements and earn the Finding Your Way Award.

Finding Your Way Requirements

Get your bearings straight – that is a way of saying use your compass to find your way.   A compass has been used to navigate oceans and across land for thousands of years.  Now it’s your turn to learn how to use a map and a compass to find a prize, a place or a person.  Have fun while you get your bearings straight and you will earn the Finding Your Way Award!

Complete the following Requirements.

  1. Using a map of your city or town, locate where you live.
  2. Draw a map for a friend so he or she can locate your home, a park, a school, or other locations in your neighborhood.
    1. Use symbols to show parks, buildings, trees, and water. You can invent your own symbols. Be sure to include a key so your symbols can be identified.
  3. Identify what a compass rose is and where it is on the map.
  4. Use a compass to identify which direction is north.
    1. Show how to determine which way is south, east, and west.
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt using a compass, and locate an object with a compass.
  6. Using a map and compass, go on a hike or walk with your den or family.