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Cub Scout Pack 759 | Floats and Boats

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Floats and Boats

Floats & Boats

Ask your parents to download the worksheet for Floats & Boats.  It has some stuff in it that will help you complete the requirements and earn the Floats & Boats Award.

Floats & Boats Requirements

Floats & Boats is all about water safety and how to have some fun learning about water safety by building some things that float including a little boat.  Have a good time floating and boating and earn the Floats & Boats Award!

Complete Requirements 1-4 plus at least one other.

  1. With your den, say the SCOUT water safety chant.
  2. With your den, talk about why it?s important to have a buddy and then play the buddy game.
  3. Show how to safely help someone who needs assistance in the water, without having to enter the water yourself.
  4. Show how to enter the water safely, blow your breath out under the water, and do a prone glide.
    Identify five different types of boats.
  5. Build a boat from recycled materials, and float it on the water.
  6. Show that you can put on and fasten a life jacket correctly