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Cub Scout Pack 759 | Webelos Walkabout

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Webelos Walkabout

Webelos Walkabout

Ask your parents to download the worksheet for Webelos Walkabout.  It has some stuff in it that will help you complete the requirements and earn the Webelos Walkabout Award.

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Webelos Walkabout

Webelos Walkabout Requirements

Webelos Walkabout is getting you on the path to Scouting and learning how to be safe on a hike and how to prepare for a hike with Family and Friends.  Be Prepared!  Take a walk through the Webelos Walkabout Requirements and let your Cub Master know when you are ready to plan your hike.

Complete Requirements 1-4 and at least one other.

  • Plan a hike or outdoor activity.
  • Assemble a first aid kit suitable for your hike or activity.
  • Recite the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids from memory.
    • Talk about how you can demonstrate them on your Webelos adventures.
  • With your Webelos den or with a family member, hike 3 miles.
    • Before your hike, plan and prepare a nutritious lunch or snack.
    • Enjoy it on your hike, and clean up afterward.
  • Describe and identify from photos any poisonous plants and dangerous animals and insects you might encounter on your hike or activity.
  • Perform one of the following leadership roles during your hike:
    • trail leader,
    • first aid leader, or
    • lunch or snack leader.