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Pack 759 Rocket Derby

Pack 759 Rocket Derby

Rocket Derby 2017 In The Books

As a Cub Master, preparing for events like our Rocket Derby is a ton of fun and a ton of work.  Building a Rocket Derby track is neither complicated nor expensive, but it is a little time consuming.  So this is my second track I have built and it is a far cry better than the first track.  And I think the boys appreciated it.

You know things are going well when you show up with the track, separated into pieces, and everyone wants to help assemble the track, run the wires and get to racing.  One of the great things about Scouting is allowing boys to learn how to build and make things.  Rocket Derby allowed the boys to build their own rockets, style and design them and then race them.  The boys also learned how to use a drill and a bit to screw together our Rocket Derby track and run the lines adding tension so that the rocket lanes were straight and prepared.

We had snacks, we had hot cocoa and water and we had a great time.  As with any race or project, snags always come up and we learn from those snags:

  1. Rubber band rockets have rubber bands that break!  The Spacely Sprocket space station needs to be a bit more prepared for repairs on rockets including a “hook” to thread the rubber bands and a twisting machine to make sure all rockets are properly set to fly and compete.
  2. Get there earlier and set up (maybe the night before) – it’s more fun to check in the rockets and start racing than setting up the track, although the boys learned alot.
  3. Give a better overview on making rockets.  I think everyone learned alot about this simple project and next year I am REALLY looking forward to more cool designs and Cub Scouts being able to repair their own rockets with appropriate tools and kits.  We will also publish our rules for racing and rocketry for next year to help boys build the best rockets they can.

Life has some competition in it and the boys did a great job preparing their rockets and having fun racing along the track.  As our Pack Grows, this event is going to get really big and be really fun.  I want to thank the Parents and especially the Cub Scouts of Pack 759 for making this a really fun event and for all of your hard work and effort in building your rockets.  I am looking forward to doing it again next year!

Yours in Scouting,

-C. Daly

Christopher Daly
Cub Master, Cub Scout Pack 759