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About Cub Scout Pack 759

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There's just something about Scouting....

There are so many things we can say about Pack 603 but the most important thing is that we are family.  Families come together in all forms, shapes and sizes to ensure that their children have a sound upbringing.  Scouting offers a strong moral code for kids to learn to live by and it offers most of all adventure and fun in a learning environment.

Pack Leaders, Den Leaders and everyone else helping with the pack, work hard so that your son can enjoy his scouting experience.  Scouts will learn how to take care of themselves, explore their faith, explore the outdoors and learn how to heal themselves if they get hurt.  We teach Scouts to sing, because it’s fun, and we teach Scouts to run, because it’s healthy, and we teach Scouts how to get the most out of their times outdoors.  We teach them about community and giving and caring for others and we teach them to be brave and honest like our Scout Laws request.

Parents tend to have a great experience with Scouting, getting to know other parents, working with the Scouts on their projects and working with the leaders of the pack.  We hope you will consider participating on campouts, hikes, nature walks, projects and celebrations as your Scouts learn and earn rewards and recognition for their efforts.  You will watch your kids grow with us and they will learn good habits and good things that they will use throughout their lives.  Cub Scouts are the first step forward in Scouting.  We hope you will come and share that step with us, we are looking forward to seeing you at or next meeting!

Now feel free to click on some of the images below and learn more about Scouting and Pack 603.  We have had a lot of fun over the past several years and it’s only building when we get more friends like you.  Won’t you come join us at Pack 603?  We have something special in store for you…