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Cub Scout Pack 759 | Scouting Adventure

This is it. It’s the final step from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting. Show that you know the Scout laws, motto, oath, sign and handshake. Tie some knots and show knife and fire safety. Describe the ranks of Scouts and how they are earned and learn what a Patrol is and how it works and fits into a Troop. Talk about different types of leaders in Scouts and what they do. Be Prepared – the crossover is coming to a new adventure in Scouting.

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Building a Better World

Talk about the history of the U.S. and show how to display a flag in public. Learn about your rights, duties and responsibilities as a citizen in the country and your neighborhood. Plan an activity for your den by yourself then present it to your den leader. Learn about Scouting around the world and with the help of an adult, reach out to meet a Scout in another country.

Cub Scout Pack 759 | Outdoorsman

Leave No Trace, Outdoor Code. We know these well by now, but show us how you camp. Pitch a tent and tell why you pitch it where you did. Discus what to do if an emergency occurs while camping, demonstrate some knot tying skills and make some food for your Den or family while cooking over an open fire. Plan an outdoor activity like a hike and make it go. You are now a Camper!